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For the past half century, Teledyne Microelectronics has produced millions of microelectronic hybrids that contributed to countless hours of history. We continue to build on our rich heritage of advanced manufacturing technologies.  As Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions, our microelectronics packaging experience, combined with electronic manufacturing services, provide a complete, vertically integrated advanced manufacturing solution.  From complex microelectronics to circuit card assemblies to box level assemblies, we are uniquely positioned to help you with your most complex and challenging manufacturing needs.


Our customer base, which includes the U.S. Government and prime contractors, demand uncompromising quality, reliability and delivery. Our numerous certifications including AS9100 ISO 9001, MIL-PRF-38534 Class H and K accreditation are integral factors in our company-wide initiative to deliver high-reliability microelectronic devices that meet our customer's stringent requirements. We are a DOD Trusted Source for Microelectronics Packaging, Assembly and Test.

Our areas of expertise include:

Full Turnkey Solutions
We provide full turnkey solutions from engineering to product development to full production:

  • Enhance your design for manufacturability
  • Miniaturize for size and weight reduction
  • Improve reliability and performance
  • Provide optimal thermal management solutions
  • Provide full testing and screening
  • Offer expertise in obsolescence management

Our facility in Lewisburg, Tennessee is a vertically integrated facility providing complete turnkey electronic manufacturing solutions. From microelectronics manufacturing to circuit card assembly, we can accommodate low, medium and high rate production with state-of-the-art manufacturing services. 

Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence
At Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions, Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence are at the heart of our company. Each employee is committed to Total Quality Management (TQM) and has undergone extensive Lean Manufacturing training. 

We maintain Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC) facility certification and: 

In addition, Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies has received Trusted Accreditation by the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) as a Microelectronics Trusted Source for the Department of Defense (DOD) and all other U.S. Government customers. 

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions is dedicated to providing superior value to its customers by providing forward thinking, innovative packaging solutions and high-reliability products that meet all commitments and exceed expectations.

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions is a business unit of Teledyne Technologies, a leading provider of sophisticated electronic components, instruments & communications products, including defense electronics, data acquisition & communications equipment for airlines and business aircraft, monitoring and control instruments for industrial and environmental applications and components, and subsystems for wireless and satellite communications.

Mission Statement

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions is dedicated to providing superior value to its customers by providing a diverse array of complex, state of the art, electronic modules to meet their needs.


This value is created by providing forward thinking, innovative packaging solutions and high reliability products with the understanding that this can only be satisfied by meeting all our commitments with products that exceed expectations.


Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions believes that integral to this mission, within its work force, there is an unrivaled work ethic involving a spirit of personal responsibilty, good citizenship and a desire to create customer satisfaction.


-Matthew Bakker
Vice President and General Manager

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