Substrate/Package Stack-up Analysis

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions approach to substrate design starts with a sizing study of major components and available technologies.  Teledyne works with multiple materials to select the appropriate material for the job including:

  • Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC)
  • High temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) 
  • Thick film ceramic (AlN and BeO)
  • FR4/Rogers
  • Direct Bond Copper (DBC)


Characteristics to consider include:  range of dielectric constants, operating frequencies, thermal properties, dissipation factor, temperature stability, mechanical strength and cost.  By combining the right mix of properties, the result is a product that offers excellent electrical performance, while significantly increasing the density of the integrated components and reducing the package module footprint.  This ensures a high reliability, technologically superior product tailored to match specific application needs.


For board layout and simulation, Teledyne utilizes a vareity of design tools.  These tools allow for ongoing design simulation to predict and eliminate signal and power integrity problems early. The end result is a design that optimizes topologies and terminations of clocks and other critical signals prior to board layout, providing a comprehensive signal integrity and timing verification and analysis.


Teledyne's substrate design experience enables us to select the standard process and material combinations best suited for your requirements.

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