News Article: Teledyne Expands Operations in L’burg

June 26, 2013


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marshall County Tribune

By Jacki Moss

Special to the Tribune


Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services, a pillar of Lewisburg's business community for decades, has once again invested time, money, and a stake in the city's future by expanding. The company held the ribbon cutting for its Microelectronics Division last week, and opened the door to showcasing Marshall County as a major player in the high-tech arena.

Al Andry, president, Teledyne Reynolds Group, told the group of dignitaries that the new world-class operation is, "the only one of its type in this region that produces products of this type. It is totally unique in this aspect."

The microelectronics division of the company was moved, piece by piece, more than 2,030 miles from California to Lewisburg after the physical facility was completed. Carol Grogg, group controller, Teledyne Reynolds Group, said, "I want to thank the corporate team for having the vision and having the faith and foresight to move this operation across country. Then, to all the people who helped make this happen, and especially the boots-on-the-ground people who made this possible, we thank you."


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