Teledyne Microelectronics Production Move to Lewisburg, TN

January 03, 2013

LOS ANGELES, California - January 3, 2013 - Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies (TMT) is pleased to announce the move of its microelectronics production lines from Los Angeles, California to Lewisburg, Tennessee. We will share this 170,000+ square foot, Classified facility with our affiliate, Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services. This move will create a more synergistic, cost effective business model and will help us maintain our position as the leading microelectronics packaging provider.

Remaining at the current Los Angeles facility will be a core group of personnel, including engineers and technicians, to maintain our R&D and rapid prototyping capabilities.

TMT prides itself on its uncompromised quality and exceptional service and the move will strengthen our capabilities and have a positive impact on every facet of our business. The move to Lewisburg, Tennessee, will occur in stages completing on or before May 31, 2013. Throughout the move, we will continue our focus on customer service, creating a seamless transition from one location to the other.

We are excited and enthusiastic about our enhanced production presence in Tennessee and our new future together. We look forward to working with you through our transition and thank you for your continued support.




Albert N. Andry
Vice President and General Manager


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