Precision Wire Bonding, Heights & Loops

Process Technology: RF Microwave Assemblies

At Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions, wire bonding is one of our core competencies.  Our team of RF/Microwave engineers, technicians and operators bring decades of expertise  to ensure the success of your project.


Wire bonding will be optimized to minimize undesired RF effects.  Typically, short wire bond lengths are required to minimize reflections, and when necessary double wedge bonding can also be utilized to reduce effective inductance.  Also, for long term reliability consideration, dissimilar metallic interface between wire and bond pad should be avoided.  It is Teledyne's standard practice to verify wire bond reliability by performing pull and shear tests, before and after aging.  Wire bond SPC tracking is implemented from the throughout the entire build cylce, utilizing “targets” developed during process development / prototype phase.

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