Space Microelectronics

Process Technology: Space Microelectronics

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions has enjoyed a remarkable record of achievement on a variety of space programs.  For over 50 years, we have provided thousands of mulitchip modules and custom microelectronics packaging solutions for spacecraft, satellites and, launch vehicles, exploring the boundaries of the universe and sending back data from distant worlds.


These achievements were accomplished by enforcing a management philosophy that demands verified designs, high standards of workmanship and meticulous quality control.  This record of success carries on to today's most demanding launch vehicles, transport systems, spacecraft, re-entry vehicle, commercial/military/scientific satellites, the International Space Station, the Mars Rover and the James Webb Space Telescope.


Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions is certified to MIL-PRF-38534, Class H and Class K and was instrumental in the establishment of this hybrid critiera.  Our experienced personnel are actively involved in the JEDEC Committee and Subcommittee for Hybrid Technology. Through this organization, Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions has contributed to the generation of all military and space level hybird microcircuit and microelectronics specifications, thus helping provide the industry with a cost effective approach towards supplying reliabile, qualified circuits, with specific screening and inspection requirements for high-reliability applications.


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